Tuesday, April 16, 2013

1096 Days (3 Years) Together in Love

Sometime or maybe many times, love came to our life in the unpredictable way. We can’t know how or when… It can arrive very fast or very slowly. I can’t tell my experience in detail, but because of a chocolate, I could know and meet someone that I love now. That chocolate is Cadbury Finger. We were in simple conversation about that chocolate, we didn’t know each other before that time, and then we talked a lot about our lives, what we like to do, what our preferences are, something like that. Until someday we realized that we felt in love to each other. Time passed quickly and slowly at the same time. And now, it’s our third year together. For three years, we share our problems, our hopes, our dreams, our sadness, our happiness, and we understand very well each other. I feel loved and I’m very happy. Thanks God for theses great feelings, experiences, and that good person…

Because of this, we knew each other :)

1.096 jours ensemble avec toi, je suis très heureux!

Bon 3eme Anniversaire ma Marmotte! ^^

16th of April 2010-16th of April 2013


  1. Je confirme que tout est vrai ^^
    Je t'aime <3


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