Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bandung, no 6 Twitter City in The World

Twitter, a popular micro-blogging site in the world reached the half billion accounts in June 2012. 140 millions users are in USA. Semiocast, a company providing data intelligence and research on social media based in Paris, France, on their study issued Top 20 countries in terms of Twitter accounts. The top 5 countries are USA, Brazil, Japan, UK, and Indonesia. In the top 20, there are several Spanish speaking countries which are Mexico (no 7), Spain (no 9), Colombia (12), Venezuela (no 13), and Argentina (no 17). Maybe it seems normal if we see often a Spanish word become a Trending Topic World Wide on Twitter.  

Semiocast also revealed Top 20 cities by number of posted tweets. Surprisingly, Jakarta is the most active Twitter city in the world! My home and natal city, Bandung, is also on 6th rank! I never thought that the Twitter users in Bandung are as much as that. I remember when Twitter launched Trending Topics based on city, in Indonesia there are just Jakarta and Bandung for the first time. Maybe it already explained that Jakarta and Bandung have the most Twitter users in Indonesia. Meanwhile Paris, one of my favorite cities in France is just 1 position behind Bandung. The complete Top 10 Twitter cities are Jakarta, Tokyo, London, Sao Paulo, New York, Bandung, Paris, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Riyadh. I believe it would change anytime but as I saw on news, Twitter with Facebook and Wikipedia are predicted to be remains until 100 years a head. We’ll see…

For those who don't know where Jakarta and Bandung are, here it is:

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