Thursday, April 12, 2012

University Students Wear High School Uniform

In the ladder of someone’s life, one of the unforgettable time would be the moments in high school. At that time, we had our puberty, we were pleased to get along, maybe we were a little bit naughty, tried new things, and it’s possible if many of us found our first love in high school, including me. I always remember the moments in high school. I had many best friends in high school and until now they remain my best friends even we study in different universities. I remember too my teachers in high school, there was a teacher of sport who’s fierce and he liked to checked out the uniform of students and the hair of the boys. I had several problems with him. He had cut my bangs and he scratched my shirt with felt-tip marker because my short was too skinny he said! Grr… I was pissed off! And a teacher of religion admonished me because I had colored my hair in brown. I was angry at that time, but now if I remember it, I think it’s a nice experience that will never come again. SMAN 20 Bandung, is always in my heart. I hope it remains a favorite high school in Bandung and hopefully become better.

Now I attend Padjadjaran University, Bandung. I was almost 4 years studying here. I have three new best friends, they are really nice and they understand and know me well. They are Bunga, Mela and Sheira. Somehow we suddenly remembered the high school’s time and we had desire to use high school’s uniform. Because we don’t have our high school uniforms anymore so we have decided to buy new uniforms in Pasar Baru, Bandung. Then several days later after we bought it, we wore high school uniforms and hung out to Bandung Indah Plaza and photographed in a studio photo. 

Many people payed attention of us, maybe because Sheira had a little make-up. We passed by many “real” high school students too but they didn’t look at us strangely. Sheira told me that there was a woman in the toilet who asked “Wow, nowadays the high school students are beautiful! Where is your school?” Firstly she was confuse but she remembered that SMA 20 was my school so Sheira answered “Hmm…thank you. Euh…my school is SMA 20”. LOL. And one thing who made me surprised, when I went to the toilet there is a men who flirted at me and when I washed my hands he said “You are cute! Where is your school? Which grade are you?” I said “Oh my God” in my heart and and then I answered “Thanks, I study in SMA 20. I’m third grade.”, he believed it. Then I went out quickly and met Sheira, Bunga and Mela again. The photographer in a photo studio also considered us as third grader in high school, LOL. Whereas in fact, we are in eight semester, we almost finish our study in university! What a crazy fun day! After spent time in BIP we walked around in Jalan Braga. While we still have younger face than our age, take advantage of it guys! ^ ^ By the way, we have a plan to spend one day with high school uniform again, but with more friends…

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