Thursday, April 12, 2012

Indonesia, A Friendly Beautiful Country!

Thanks to the internet, who makes the world become smaller than ever! I like to have many friends from all over the world with many nationalities because I will get many knowledge and learn many things from them. I have a friend in France, he's name is Laurent. We speak a lot on Skype, I'm acquainted with him on Facebook almost two years ago. He teaches me a lot of french language and cultures. And this year on August, he had a vacation and he came to Indonesia. We met in Jakarta on the airport Sukarno-Hatta. It was his first time to visit Asia.

    On the second day, I took him to Tidung Island in Kepulauan Seribu. I never visited that island too but I searched on internet before to make sure that it's a good choice. From a hotel on Jalan Jaksa, we went in the morning by taxi to the Muara Angke harbor. To go to Tidung Island, there is only one departure by a boat on 8 o'clock sharp. We arrived on the harbor on 8 o'clock! There was a man who asked where will we go and he said “Oh! Hurry up! The boat to Tidung is almost leaving!” So Laurent and I were panic and we ran fast with his big suitcase and my big backpack. Many people there saw us running and a man asked again where will we go, and after he knew that we want to go to Tidung, he shouted to a boat “Tidung, wait! Wait! There are two more passengers!” and I saw a boat was started to leave from the harbor and then that boat was trying to go back and stop and we ran fast to reach that boat, there are two or three peoples who helped us to bring our belongings to the boat and until we went up on the boat. We almost missed the boat. It's so kind the people in the harbor to help us reaching the boat.

    It was a first time for Laurent taking a boat like that on the sea. He enjoyed the voyage, but suddenly, the boat was stopped and started to shake repeatedly. “Oh my God, what happen?” asked him. I didn't know. I tried to be calm even if I can't swim and we didn't use life belt and I saw Laurent started to be afraid. We were in the middle of the sea and the boat stopped suddenly! I asked to the ship's captain and he said that there was rubbish entered the engine of the boat. Oh my God! It is caused by garbage in the middle of the sea!

    And then after several minutes, the boat was starting to move, there was a man who took the garbage from the engine. Huff...thanks God! After more than two hours on the boat, we finally arrived on Tidung island. There was a boy who picked us up from the inn that I booked before via telephone. He showed us our inn and we took a rest. In the afternoon, Laurent wanted to go to the beach. So we went out from our inn and we walked pass through road between the houses. The people of Tidung on the street saw us, because I was with a stranger or we call it bule. There was no other bule on the island at that time.

    Almost every man, woman, teenager, or children whom we met in passing on the street, they said “Hi mister!” to Laurent and they smiled. I was rather surprised, so did Laurent. He was surprise because the people was really friendly here. Laurent picked his camera digital and took many photos. There are some trees in front of each house on Tidung Island, a majority is the tree with different fruits. Laurent never saw that kind of fruit so that he asked me what it is and he took a photo of it. We passed a child with his mom who tried to take a fruit, in Bandung we call it kersen, with a stick. The mom asked us, “You want to try?”, she handed the stick to me, then I asked Laurent to try to take the fruit from the tree. When he got successfully the fruit, he ate it and he found that it was delicious. We thanked the mom and the child. After that we passed by a man who climbed on the coconut tree, he was trying to get the coconut. Laurent was surprise to see that, he never saw it in his country.

We continued to walk and finally we arrived at the beach. It was so beautiful. The water of the sea is clear and soft blue and the beach has white sand. There is a bridge too who connect this island to island of Tidung Kecil. The view is really amazing! But unfortunately, we couldn't playing on the beach because there was many rubbish on the sand, even there were pieces of glasses on the sand, it could hurt us if we didn't watch out. Laurent was upset. We spent time on the beach until 5 o'clock and we took a walk on the island. The next day we came back to Jakarta, we spent the time in Jakarta, Bandung and we visited volcano Tangkuban Parahu too. He said that Indonesia is very beautiful and the people is so friendly but unfortunately there are many rubbish on the island and in the cities, but overall he loves Indonesia. So Indonesians, let’s keep our country clean and beautiful so that the tourists who visit our country will be pleasant!

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