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Creativity icons Called Bandung

Saturday, November 7, 2009 | 10:42 pm

By Indah Surya Wardhani

The wheel spun creative industries in Bandung. A number of creative community comes up with fresh ideas and works, from music, fashion design, architecture, up to culinary. Bandung also got a new nickname: the creative city.

The nickname might be not excessive. Look, creativity icons scattered throughout the city marking the creative industries activity. Based on polls Kompas by telephone that capture the 363 respondents in the city of Bandung, the city's creativity inherent in three things, namely a place, activity, and the community.

Distro (distribution outlet) is the icon of the most popular creativity in the minds of respondents. Almost a quarter of respondents mentioned distributions to describe the climate of creativity in the city of Bandung. Outlets where the product to market clothing and accessories that are easily found in every corner of the city. There are at least 64 distribution outlets which hundreds of clothing companies.

The icon that is not less popular are young. Creative young people under the age of 40 years was a spearhead force and clothing distribution business. Other related icons Bandung as a creative city is the art of music, which is called by two of the 10 respondents. A number of prominent bands born in Bandung, such as Gigi, Peterpan, Cokelat, Kuburan, dan The Changcuters.

Cuisine as an icon of creative cities 18 percent of respondents voiced. Business snacks and dining room were growing increasingly confirmed the nickname Bandung as a creative city. Other commodities that many choose is music, bags, and socks.

Admittedly, the creative industries are now as one of the economic drivers of Bandung. Industry based on creative talent and creativity of individuals is able to sustain 14 percent of the regional economy.

Efforts also continue to do campaigns, among others, by the Bandung Creative City Forum (BCCF) which contain an active creative community networking. Since 2008, it pioneered the forum an annual event Helarfest. The show exhibited a variety of creative products in a parade of events for two months.

Unfortunately, this event is less well known publicly. Based on this poll, more than half of respondents admitted to not knowing the Helarfest 2009.

Source of creativity

The development of creative industries in Bandung is not believed to be an instant process. Modernization which brought the colonial government since the 19th century, making the city of Bandung open minded and easy to adapt to different cultures. The development of creativity is inseparable from the role of formal education that teaches skills and expertise in theory.

The emergence of the creative process that starts from the Hanafi recognized milieu Salman (33), designer of Mahanagari archipelago. For him, the environment and the city of Bandung Sundanese culture is a source of inspiration that will never been explored. "There are three basic themes in Mahanagari shirt designs, ie traditional, colonial, and contemporary. The theme that we see in Bandung," he said, Wednesday (4 / 11).

According to Bambang Rudito, anthropologist and lecturer in Business Management School of ITB, the source of creativity in the city of Bandung is the result of local cultural adaptation to modernization. "Bandung is the plural of which has long been a fashion orientation. Many young people come to learn to college. They are a potentially large nyleneh bring ideas," said Bambang.

He added, ability to move the creative industries supported the three pillars, namely academia, business, and government. Synergy of these three major capital of creative industry in Bandung.
(Litbang Kompas)

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